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Due to resurgence of COVID19 our department is forced to change the format our the Neurology course.

Every Monday (including the first one on 22th of November) and from the 1st to the 3rd of December (Wednesday till Friday) online only education will be provided (lectures starting at  8:00 and webinars at 9:45). No in-person activity is scheduled for these days.

The lectures on the other days will start at 8:00 and will be hybride: both in person (for those coming to practicals) and online for the rest

In person practicals will be held in two separate times (9:45-12:15 and 12:15-14:45) in smaller groups, for 6 day for the each subgroup. Individual schedule was sent to all by email. If any of you could not come at the  scheduled time, please contact your peers from other groups organise one-for-one switch, as there are no reserve places. Please note that the list of teachers may not be definitive. 

For those not attending the practicals on the given day, online webinars will start at 10:00 .

Credits will be given on the last day of the in-person practicals, any absences have to be substituted at the group´s teacher discretion.

Exams are still planed to be held in-person and the end of the whole course and during the examination periods (both winter and summer).

Any questions please direct to this email ( ).

Training contents:

Neurological examination - practical training, individual patient handling.

Auxiliary examination methods in neurology - principles, indications and basic results.

General neurology - basic neurological symptoms and syndromes, topical diagnosis.

Special neurology - clinical entities, diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

Acute states and acute care in neurology.

Essentials of medicamentous and rehabilitation therapy in individual neurological diseases. Indications for surgical treatment.

Morning online course is held every day from 8:00 to 9:30 AM, starting from 23th November. A real-time chat with the presenter will be available to answer any questions. Recordings of these sessions will be made available during the whole semester.

Practical live webinars start at 10:00 AM and are held online. Typical duration is 1 hour (schedule).

Limited in-person training of neurological examination is scheduled for 5day duration from 12:00 to 14:00 (exception od 18th December when 10:00-12:00), from 7th till 11th December and 14th till 18th December. The students will be divided into two or three rooms, we ask for compliance with personal distancing policy inside of the building, indoor shoes and neurological hammers will be necessary (particular lists of individual students will be emailed in SIS)

Also there is a limited possibility for students to switch between the weeks, but this needs to be communicated by email ( ) until Friday before the start of practicals). 

Susbstitue practicals for those, who were not able to attend pracicals during December will be in week from 25th of January 2021 at 9:00 and 8th of February starting at 10:00. To sign up for the classes, please write an email to . Any changes are possible until the preceding Friday.

Credits: On the last day of in person practical training (Fridays) there will be examination from the neurological testing skills and credit.  

Exams: For the students of the actual course, terms will be provided at its end (both online and in-person examinations are still possible). Further terms will be available during the examination period at the end of the semester.

Suitable percussion hammers:

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